Diplo Admits He’S Gotten Bjs From Men

Diplo Has Shown His Support For The Lgbtq Community

The Renowned Dj Appeared On Emily Ratajkowskis Podcast High Low With Emrata On March 13Th

The Celebrities Discussed A Range Of Topics Including Tiktok Algorithms And Diplos Sexual Encounters With Men

During The Episode Emrata Revealed A Secret By Saying

They Got On The Topic Of Him Being A Little Gay After The Dj Admitted He Loves Watching Men Chopping Wood On Tiktok

I Mean Theyre Attractive Guys But The Fact That They Chop Wood Isnt Whats Going To Make Me Gay

I Dont Want To Define That Im Gay But I Think The Best Answer Is Im Not Like Not Gay

Im Sure Ive Gotten A Blowjob From A Guy Before I Dont Know If Its Gay Unless You Make Eye Contact

He Explained That He Likes People For Their Vibe Over Their Gender Learn More